I had a few sessions with Carmen. During these sessions the images were passing through my mind as if I was watching a movie, but all the time these images were full of life and were accompanied by noise, smell, taste, and feelings of hatred, fear, insecurity and oppression.

I had these sessions in a turning point of my life in which the burden, disappointment, worry and lack of energy were present in my daily life. Everything I had to do even the easiest task was difficult, even to catch a train in the morning to go to work was difficult.

After a consultation with Carmen, Carmen decided to take me to the root of the problem using regression and removed at once all the issues that were holding me back and affecting my state in my current life. After a couple of sessions with Carmen I was able to release all the fear, stress and insecurity that I was living in that moment.

Carmen also helped to overcome the feelings of loneliness that I was experiencing in busy places that were the cause of a lot of anxiety.

Carmen Calderon Pizarro. Teacher


My experience with Carmen was wonderful.  She started by helping me to relax & with her hypnotic voice I found myself almost in a trance. I felt safe at all times as she took me to a past life. I was able to see clearly what was happening but did not feel any pain.  She was able to talk me through letting go of this life and moving forward. The meaning of my past life had a big impact on my life now without me understanding why, but after my sesdion with Carmen, all became clear. I was very pleased with my session and can recommend Carmen to anyone looking to unravel their previous lives & how they impact your life now.
Helen. Beauty Therapist